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Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation 2015 Highlights A report from the Director of Program Services


The Mission: BCSF is committed to it's mission "helping women survive." We provide funding to clinics, health care and imaging facilities nationwide for mammograms and related breast diagnostic services to uninsured and underinsured women. Many of those served are not able to receive any or, at best, minimal coverage under the Affordable Care Act.


Historical Funding Facts: Over the past five years the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation has provided funding to a total of 54 free clinics nationwide. This funding has allowed these clinics to provide more than 16,000 mammograms and breast diagnostic services to the uninsured and the underinsured.


2015 Funding Facts: In 2015 we provided funding to 28 of the 53 clinics, several for the first time, many for the 3rd or 4th year. These clinics, in turn, provided more than 5,000 mammograms and breast diagnostic services.

In addition, Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation (BCSF) participated as a sponsor and funded more than 100 mammograms at the 2015 National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics C.A.R.E Clinic held in Kansas City, MO.

This city-wide free clinic provided full physical exams and medical evaluations to all uninsured people in the Metro Kansas City area. BCSF provided the mammograms to those recommended by the medical staff at the clinic. The mammograms were not done on site but rather at a later date at no cost to the patient. BCSF partnered with Diagnostic Imaging Centers to provide this service to the referrals. We are thrilled to be part of this important clinic.


Looking Ahead in 2016: While we do not currently fund clinics in all states we look forward to continuing to expand our outreach. We welcome grant applications from all health care facilities providing breast diagnostic services to uninsured women.

We also plan to join with the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics at the 2016 C.A.R.E. Clinics. BCSF will once again provide funding for mammograms and breast diagnostic services.


Hats Off to the Clinics: As the Director of Program Services I am in awe of the great work being done by the volunteers and health care professionals working in the clinics across the country. They truly are an amazing and caring group of people. I look forward to continuing our current funding and expanding our work in 2016. There continues to be a record number of women/men who can not afford these very important services. Please encourage clinics in your area to contact us for funding.


Hats off to the Donors: We are grateful to our donors. Without them none of this would be possible. Your contribution helps us save lives!


Janet Napolitano on detecting her breast cancer early:

"It drove home, personally, the vale of early detection and education and intervention"